Cookin' for a Cause

ON Saturday, March 7th, NAI-Mobile participated in the 31st Annual American Cancer Society Chili Cook-Off. The event took place at Mardi Gras Park and ran from 11 am until 3pm.

For the NAI team, the day began at 5am as they helmed the NAI chili booth. It was a long day but with resident “chef William” guiding the team, NAI was in good hands. William enjoys creating and sharing his Southern inspired cuisine. His chili was a “Pork Shoulder Chili Colorado” which included smoked ancho, pasilla and guajilla peppers. Needless to say, it had William’s signature zest and a slight kick to the throat.

The cook-off was a success, as hundreds of participants and guests enjoyed perfectly sunny weather and live music by Gabrielle Willis and Friends, who were then followed by headliner The Speaking Sparrows.

Infirmary Cancer Care presented the Chili Cook-Off with proceeds benefiting and helping people in our community to become and stay well. The event raised over $140,000 dollars this year. NAI is happy to be a part of this event and looks forward to participating in future years.