Companies and Individuals Step-up in a Big Way to Aid in Coronavirus Relief Efforts

During World War II companies such as Ford Motor Company shifted their focus to make thousands of planes and tanks to assist the United States government in their war effort. Homeland production of artillery as well as the civilian rationing became invaluable to the United States’ success. Today, the country is faced with different dilemmas in the face of Covid-19. However, we can look to the past and recognize that a united effort is still the only way to secure a future in which the country’s citizens and businesses remain intact. Over the past several weeks, many notable large corporations have chosen to make an impact— in an effort to aid in the fight against the spread of the virus and the preservation of people’s livelihood and health.

Notable tech giants Microsoft and Amazon have donated Millions through the Covid-19 Response fund to help smaller businesses in Washington State, where the companies are based. Amazon has also created various additional funds, grants and other initiatives to help in various aspects. Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, also made a significant personal contribution to fighting hunger during this outbreak. The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, noted “As large corporations, we can take this step and should. But not all businesses will be able to do so. As our community focuses on public health needs during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important that we also rally together to address the unmet economic needs developing around us.” Other national companies like Apple have said they will donate $15 million and Facebook will donate $20 million. Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey stepped up in a big way and created a $1 billion Covid-19 relief fund; the largest individual contribution to date.

These large sums of money are extremely notable, but other companies are making an impact by donating and producing specific goods that are needed. LVMH, which owns brands such as Louis Vuitton, is using their massive perfume and cosmetic factories to produce hand sanitizer. Sports gear brands like Under Armour have begun creating masks, face shields and gowns for hospitals. And when the UK Government asked its corporations to offer support, the company Vauxhall answered by producing ventilators using 3-D printers.

It is not just big businesses that are doing their part. Of course, it should also be said that private citizens are doing their part as well. Millions of people have quarantined themselves, began keeping a safe six foot distance and done their best to stop the spread of the virus. While large corporations are able to donate large sums of money and resources, it is just as important that people are actually taking the coronavirus seriously and doing everything they can to protect themselves and others.